Several years back, I didn’t know that I would be doing this: blogging.  I didnt know of it then,  because I was still in the dark about various internet services.  I could send emails then, goof around on the internet but that was as far as I got. Today, it’s a whole new game. A whole new world. One can do various things on the internet now. An information is only a click away. At times, I think that soon, people wouldnt be physcially present in the classrooms to be educated. I get a lot of information either on my phone or the laptop.   I can’t afford to be in the dark anymore which is why I strive to pay the internet connection even when I feel it’s on the high side.

Recently, I have come across a lot of stuffs that I know people don’t always bother to find out and consequently, my head is bursting with new ideas, new informations and and new experiences. As a mother, I learn alot about and from my children, being married has also taught me alot of things and am still learning.  Doing school runs and getting involved  in various things also has it’s perks. All I am trying to say is that , ‘living is learning’ . As long as we have breath in us, we have open channels to learn.

Learning is all this blog site is about.  We will learn from each other as we share experiences on what life has taught us and of course what we give back to life.  Every stage of my life is a new world. Let’s explore it together.  Welcome to my world.


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