The Right Push



       I couldn’t wait to start writing but because I had a lot to do, I exercised patience and finished off the house chores first lest it became a case of “robbing Peter to pay Paul”.  I had a great opportunity today to meet a wonderful woman, a mother-in-law most women would want, a grandmother with years of experience in life and an amazing level of knowledge. A medical doctor by profession, she is a versatile woman who enjoys reading not just her medical journals but also bestselling novels and motivational books. A white woman married to a Nigerian man and living in Nigeria for over 45 years, she is simply an epitome of courage and humility. I can boldly say that she is the reason I am awake at 12.45 am today because she set a fire in me in the few hours I spent with her.

 I had often wondered why I found it difficult to carry out some goals and targets I set for myself. It is very common for one to assume that the 24 hours in a day isn’t enough for all the things we would like to do but on a deeper reflection, you would know that the creator of the universe knew it was just perfect. We are already down to second quarter of the year and most of us are still making new resolutions while others have run ahead with their goals and targets. I got an insight into this today and it changed the course of my life.

       This dear lady told me that determination is what we need to do anything we want to do or be in life. Determination is the drive that gives life to our dreams and plans. It is one of the greatest assets one can have. It gives one the will to win. Determination stands a person out. A student that wants to get straights “As” in school doesn’t waste his time indulging in unnecessary extra curricula activities that will pull him down from the ladder of success. A successful man is a determined man. It is the mindset that makes things happen.

Determination is expressed in our focus. When you are determined to do something, you are not confused because you have set the objectives towards achieving a set goal. Teachers, in writing their lesson notes, always write out set objectives and plan their lesson activities around that. Everything a successful man does, the people he meets, places he goes to, are all focus markers towards achieving his goals.

         Organization is also a strong show of determination. When you become organized, you find out that the 24 hours in the day is enough and could be well used. Do you spend time chatting with friends when you should be working? It could be that soap opera that keeps you from carrying out your project research. Ladies should learn to plan their lives around their families and housekeeping and still have extra time to improve themselves mentally, spiritually, psychologically and otherwise. We all need an overdose of determination for optimal performance

Self encouragement stems from determination. Perhaps you have been waiting for someone to talk you into taking that extra class that will bring about your promotion, read a book, learn a handiwork or a trade, then, reading this means that you will get up encouraged like I was. I am looking at the side of the bed that has been ruffled by my husband’s long legs and passionately wish I was lying there already but I have to do this first because I am so motivated.

         Determination also means responsibility. In the words of Sir Winston Churchill, “the price of greatness is responsibility’.  You can’t be great when you are still in bed by 10 am, sit in front of the television all day long, engage in idle talk and other frivolities. Keep your visions ever before you, have a mindset of a winner and get to work. Your determination will make your dreams come through.



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