A Scary Experience

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It was with top speed that I and my husband, Obi ran to the room when my girl came to say, “mummy, come and see what Bobo is doing”.  I had carried my son, Bobo into the room from the  cushion where he had watched  Barney and friends. It’s his favourite. Earlier that evening when he had his night bath, I noticed that his body was hot and I attributed it to the fact that he just had a hair cut.  So, I poured cold water on his body and rubbed palm kernel oil on his body. The palm kernel oil is the oil extracted from the palm kernel nuts when it had been processed and washed. The palm nuts are then fried and the oil got from it is mixed  with some herbal stuffs. I have never fried one myself so I can’t accurately tell the process involved in doing that. My mother had always insisted I have the oil handy with me as it is warms the body during colds especially for children and it is also believed that the smell of the oil wards off  evil forces. 

He refused dinner which wasnt abnormal, so, I left him to his Barney and friends till he slept off.  It was as we were eating that I heard  a soft cry from the room which we ignored. Seconds after that, Ebube came to call us. We ran into the room to see him convulsing. That was not my first experience with convulsion but it was the first time with my son. (It was after he was ok that Ebube told me that was what  had happened to him once  when we came home and found him sick with high fever, though she couldn’t explain it then and she  didn’t know what it was called).  My husband panicked and wanted to take him to the hospital immediately but I calmed him and said that the boy had to stop convulsing before we took him away. ( I think that God has made women the weaker sex so that we can keep things together in times of crisis.  Bobo calmed down a bit after urinating on himself, though he couldn’t focus on us and his environment, and we took him to the hospital.

He was taken care of and after some injections , we brought him home. I wondered what could have triggered that convulsion and I started checking the internet and found some useful information on convulsion , especially the febrile convulsion , which was what happened to my son. Does this mean that he is prone to having convulsions anytime he gets down with a high fever?  That is also what I hope to look into and by the grace of God, avert that as much as I can.. He is back to watching his tv now and as usual, it is Barney and friends.  You can check out www.dailytrust.com for more information on Convulsion.

I would like you to share a scary experience you had about your loved one. Do you think he will always have convulsions any time he has fever?  Will be glad to hear from you.


8 responses to “A Scary Experience

  1. Am totally clueless here…but I recall my mum used the palm kernel oil..”enu aku” but I have not experienced in my family….Ona atu egwu oo


  2. The convulsions were due to the high temperature (fever); manage fevers by giving your child paracetamol and tepid-sponge his/her body with lukewarm body AND please do take him/her to the hospital immediately so that the cause of the fever can be properly managed.

    In the occurrence of a febrile convulsion, please lay the child on one side in an area cleared of any harmful objects, and wait out the convulsion before taking the child to the hospital. Please do not put any objects in the mouth as popularly touted; it is common for the child to pass urine just as the convulsion subsides and then fall asleep for a bit after.

    It is well with us all, God bless & keep us.


    • Thanks Olufunlola for the advice. Learning has no distance nor time barrier. So, I’m here to learn from you too. It is indeed well with us. Have a beautiful day.


  3. Wow, that was a really scary experience. I’ve not seen it myself but I believe from others I’ve heard that he will outgrow it. In the meantime, you all have to be more watchful about his temperature.


      • Febrile convulsions are usually temporal, more common b4 d age of 5. it doesn`t mean dat d child will convulse everytime he has fever, but pls remember d good old tepid sponging with lukewarm water and paracetamol syrup or tabs weneva a child has fever, even b4 rushing to d hospital. Dont put any object into d mouth and lay him on d side during d episodes… but i know he`ll be just fine. Take care ADA.


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