In this times of physical and beauty awareness, people tend to over worry and burden themselves with beauty regimes and life styles that are harmful to their health.  The account of the creation makes me to believe that God saw everything he created and it was excellent in every way.  Human descriptions not withstanding, you are perfect  as you are.

Women spend money going through surgeries that will either increase their bum, enlarge their breasts or cut off some part of their body because they think they  are ‘fat’. I am not against necessary reconstructive surgeries but how far can you go to get the right face lift and a magazine’s front cover body?  I tought only women were guilty of this till I came across a man who wanted a penile enlargement.

Seriously, what is wrong with people? I made some research and found out that most people who are not comfortable with their physiology lack self-confidence. Having small breasts or small penis is not an anomaly, just like having big breasts or big penis is not a plus. The deal is that being tall or short, dark or fair doesn’t keep you out of criticisms and prejudice neither does it make you a happy person.  If you are overly concerned about your physiology, you are on the down road to doom.  Having the wrong conception about your physiology can lead to poor sex life, low self esteem, excessive weight gain, lack of self-respect, depression, suicidal intentions due to the perception that they are not real people.

Instead of looking on the wrong side of the coin, look on the brighter side.  You may not be able to enlarge your organs but you can live a healthy life style and be a fulfilled person.  Exercise and healthy eating will help you overcome your inhibitions.  Don’t make silly jokes about people so you wouldn’t be a joke to others.  Build up your mental knowledge and spiritual ability and that way, your physical deficiency wouldn’t be  your paramount problem.

Let your inner man be rich, richer than the beauty fallacies they sell to us on the media screens and the magazine covers.  Let your inner man be faithful, adaptable and teachable. 


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