Live for others

Children in Jerusalem.

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         The kids were back from school. I had already prepared lunch so I dished it out and got them to eat even though my son, Bobby, would have preferred to play with the dog. Feeding and bathing them over, I left them in the sitting room with my husband, Chuks, and went into the room to catch some sleep with my six weeks old baby Kay. A few minutes went by and my daughter, Oma entered the room, hovered a little and left. I didn’t mind that because I was gently falling into a sweet slumber with the gentle hum of the air conditioner. Suddenly, like bees after honey, they all came into the room with my husband leading the pack. Determined to sleep on, I didn’t mind them. But, whoever says that good things last forever, because as if on cue, P.H.C.N struck. Gone was the cool breeze of the air conditioner and in place of it was the voice of my husband telling the children to lie down and sleep. Alas, I couldn’t ignore them anymore. I got up. I begged, cajoled and shouted on the twins till they eventually slept off. As I turned to sleep on, Kay decided it was his turn and got up to be fed. Just like the bird that flew away in the nursery rhyme “once I saw a little bird”, my slept flew away. With nothing left to do, I dragged my laptop from the bag and here am I.

         I wonder how many women have found themselves in similar situations like mine. Have you ever thought that you have lost your own life somewhere along the line and is devotedly living for others? If you are still thinking, sisters, wake up because that is the reality. If you are a working mother, a business woman or a housewife, at a point you get to lay down your life, sat aside your dreams, aspirations and goals to help your husband and children achieve theirs. I know a lady who was a housewife through her childbearing years and the formative years of her children. Surprising to all, she went back to school, finished and landed herself a plum teaching job. I bet you it wasn’t easy but at the end of it all, she was satisfied and happy that she was available to lay a good foundation for the children.

          For some of us, it wouldn’t come as a choice to lay down our lives for others but as a necessity.  Life will always throw surprising punches to us but the beauty of it is that we have our strength in God. It sure wouldn’t be easy to set aside our beautiful dreams and plans and live out someone else’s but as you do, you will find greater joy and contentment in your marriage. The greatest teacher, Jesus said it all when He told His disciples that, ‘greater love has no one than this but to lay down his life for his friends”. Your husband and children are your friends in the home setting.  Maybe you have given up your job or deferred pursuing an educational qualification for ‘your friends’ and you think your deeds have not been noticed or appreciated but do it all the same if you have to. Let marriage and family duties not be an act of necessity but an act of love. Then, we will receive God’s blessings here on earth.

    Keep loving others and life will always be beautiful


4 responses to “Live for others

  1. This is so apt and its really a great comfort knowing one isn’t alone in this life’s journey. Well done on your blog, I look forward to more from you:)


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