Help the Help

This is not the usual housewife only story.  It’s for everyone , not just  as a reading pleasure but also a call to help.  

Ifeanyi   has lived with the  Ado families since he was 11 years old. He lost  his father  as a young child and the mother under pressure to cope with her children financially,  sent him the first son to the city as a house help.  He started primary one at the age of 11 (which was easy for him because he had a small stature).  He was a kindhearted boy and very loyal.  In return, he the family loved him.  Time flew fast, he finished primary education with excellent results, and he moved on to secondary school. 

Ifeanyi was no longer the small boy who came to the city at 11 years.  He was now taller and mature and at the age of 18, was still  in junior secondary 2. It was a tough call for Ifeanyi to be in school at that age , but no one in the family knew what he was passing through.  Of course, he left for school every morning and came back in the afternoon like everyone else.  They exposed his deception when he was asked to bring his results at the end of the term.  He had nothing to bring because he did not write exams on any of the 15 subjects offered in school.  He said he hadn’t been going to school for a while. He would dress up and leave the house but would end up in a Petrol filling station, where he would stay till school over before going back home. He later revealed that one of his teachers in school had told him that he was old to be in secondary school.  He said the he does not want to go to school any longer but that he would want to go and learn a handiwork.  In the midst of all the brouhaha, a porn film was found in his possession.  That broke the camel’s back and Ifeanyi was sent on an indefinite holiday to go and spend some time with his people and decide if he still wants to live with the Ado family.

This is a typical case with house helps . They come to a crisis point in their life and when they  start showing  the signs of puberty or adolescents, the families they live with are threatened and feel the help is becoming unruly and in the bid to avoid any ruckus or intervening in the problem, they send them home, just like that.

Personally, I don’t support Ifeanyi  in the things he has done but he hasn’t committed any crime.  He is having an identity crisis which I strongly believe the Ado family can help him overcome.  If the village had anything to offer him initially, he would not have come to the city.

What kind of help do you give to your Help?  They are equal human beings too. They have potentials locked up in them waiting to be explored.  The day they came to live with you, you became responsible for anything and everything about them.  We have had our own share of juvenile delinquencies and our parents NEVER gave up on us. They helped strengthen us out. Why should we so easily give up on our house helps?  They haven’t only come to help you with your house chores and looking after your children but they have also come for you to help them.  They take your insults, the hard knock life and the disrespectful  treatment but we reject them the moment they start showing signs of growth and development. They definitely have to grow.  We have to change our mindset towards the people we call our house helps.  God didn’t create them and put that tag on them.  The world system did.  Giving the same situation they have found themselves in, the world system can tag you, your sibling or your child with that name too. 

Help the House help.


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