Never Say Die

So many times we hear people say, “I have tried my best and it is not working. So, I will stop and look for another thing to do”. The truth of the matter is that they will never be anything you will be good at if you don’t do more than your best. Your best may be confined to all you know and all your abilities can do. There is a greater best. The best that the One who created you has put in you and can never be released until you seek for it.

When you are working out your God-given purpose, there will DEFINITELY be challenges. So many forces will work against you achieving your purposes. Those forces could be manmade or artificial. It could even be spiritual but whatever it is, the challenges can only make you or mar you.

The first step is finding out what God wants you to do.  What is that thing you have great passion for? Sometimes , we seek the bigger things to be passionate about , but  our true passion always lies in those small and usually ignored ideas that will only make sense to you and often misunderstood by others. Don’t look within yourself to find your purpose. Look outside the box. You will only tell yourself what it wants to see or do but when you look outside the box, you will see that need, that goal to pursue and ultimately, the  grace to do it.

Great inventors  never invented anything that was personal to them. They looked around and saw needs to meet and today, even though we never met them, we enjoy their inventions  and they serve everyday purpose for us.  They invented various things , but they had two things in common : passion and challenges.  The likes of Thomas Edison, Ford, Mary Kay, Martin Luther , to say a least , were men that didn’t give up on their passion till they became realities.

Let your passion become real to you. Don’t see the winds, the uncertainities of life nor the up hills. They will always be tough times but they can only strengthen you iff you dont give up.  What have your hearts sought to do? What have your hands found to do? What have your ears heard to do? 

Don’t wait any longer. Now is the time to get to work and Never say die.  You can change your strategies but never give up on your passions untill it becomes you.

Have a passion filled week.


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