Never Say die:2

I never intended “Never SAy Die” to be a series but I couldn’t find a better topic for this story. This story is about me. Undiluted and fresh.

The kids have gone to bed and I am so happy that it wasn’t a fight. I am just getting to sit down and relax for the first time I came home since 3 hours ago.  The kids started school today but from yesterday night, It seemed everything was working against that.  I had put off making my daughter’s school hair till in the evening after the women meeting.  I came home a bit late and there was no light. I waited a bit but they didn’t bring it back. I started thinking of letting her be and  leave the hair till the next day but that would have meant they wouldn’t go to school. I eventually changed my mind and decided to weave her hair with the battery lamp I have. It was a back-breaking work because she had to sit on the bare floor while I sat on a low stool so the light could show well. It was a poor reflection I got and she was whining most of the time. I had just cut the last part to weave when PHCN brought back the light.  Needless  to say how I felt but I was glad I won.

I went to bed a bit later than I intended but that was no problem because I don’t normally sleep early (which is one of my to change list). I prayed the Holy Spirit to make me fully awake when my alarm rang in the morning. My alarm rang but I  gave myself some extra sleep( I love sleep). The next time I opened my eyes was at 6.00 am. It was a close call. They lock the my kids’ school gate at 7.30 am. Once again, I wanted to let them stay back. Afterall, it was only the first day of school. I listened to my inner man and got them prepped for school and I as well, went to my office.

I sit back now and wonder what would have happened if I had taken the fast way out and didn’t push myself to go the extra mile. Yeah, it was the extra mile because I could have done what my body wanted to do.  If I had done that, I know that I wouldn’t have had the cheerful disposition that I had throughout the day. I had a winner’s stride all day long and I know it because I felt lighter in my spirit, my challenges seemed insignificant and I had the clarity and the grace to do most of what I had to do.

The day has ended (at least for the kids).  I still have a few things to tidy up and even now , PHCN is at it again and I am sweating from bringing the battery light so close so that I can see the keyboard properly, but I am ready. Ready to start living outside the box. Ready to be a woman of influence.  Ready to be who I was created to be.

Have a beautiful and sweet night rest.


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