The actual story…..In the memory of Cynthia

I have not been overly concerned with issues like this but this got me. I must make it clear that I am not desecrating a dead girl’s image.  Shit has happened and a lot more will if we don’t take time to ask some questions that might sound mundane. We  might never get answers to these questions but I pray that it sparks off something in the curious , questioning nature that we have.

I didn’t watch the live admission of the alleged murderers of Miss Cynthia Okosogu. It is a pity the girl is dead and cannot answer for herself or clear the issues surrounding her death.  I wish they left her wounded, then, she would have told us how long she had known them or what made her agree to see the two guys at the same time. She would have been able to refute the guys’ allegation that she got her air ticket from them and had her room pre-booked by the guys and that she had a sex toy in her bag . She would have been to tell us why she didn’t let anyone (at least , she must have had a close confidante that she shared boys’ stuff with) know where she was going to?

I checked out the alleged guys’ info on Facebook and they weren’t there. Did they just vanish from the surface of FB? They are not even listed anywhere in the internet except about the crime they allegedly committed.  All the publications I read had their names misspelt or their academic levels misquoted. Their stories differed slightly. One report said she came to visit from Nasarawa. Another said she did her business between Lagos and Abuja( and that should mean she resided in Abuja).  And yet, another said they met on blackberry group chat. Can’t our journalists do something right for once.  The real facts will save someone else’ life.

Hmm,  Nigerian Police and their investigations.  Does the fact that the late girl’s father is a retired General motivate them to hasten the investigations ? One of the publications reported that the police took her corpse from the hotel to the morgue last month without  making a public note of it.  Why would they just bag a girl who was found dead, tied and chained to the bed and obviously sexually molested from a hotel room just like it didn’t mean anything.  It was a hotel room for the love of chrissakes, not off the road.  Such hotels should not be left in business. It’s a criminal den.  Who dash them CCTV?  If they had CCTV, why didn’t they catch the murder when it was going on. Please, the police should investigate the hotel. The boys gave the name of the hotel as Cosmila hotel, Lakeview Estate, Amuwo Odofin . Why did they arrest the pharmacist that sold the drugs?  For me, they are a lot of loose ends to the story.  How exactly did the CCTV help them in catching the culprits?  I have a lot questions that may seem as if I am not in sympathy with the dead girl’s family and friends. I am but  things should be done rightly. Facebook should not bear the brunt of the matter alone and the girl’s family should know what really happened to their daughter.

So, please can a journalist  tell us what really happened to Miss Cynthia Okosogu. Enough of the hearsay.


The Nations Newspaper.

Daily Trust


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