The door swung open

This is for Myne Whitman for being such an inspiration to Naija ladies all over the world.

The door swung open as Jide dropped the phone on the bed. He looked up to see  his Nana standing at the door. One look at her and he knew she heard everything.  He cursed inwardly for messing up the plans again.

“Nana nnoo ‘, he greeted her and made to hug her but she pushed him away and shut the door. She was  strong for a woman of 75.

“What have you done, Jide? Is this how you want to repay me for  the time and resources I have put into training you? You were born for this and you know it. So, why do you want to put me to shame?”

“Nana, it is not what you think. I don’t know what you heard but it is nothing for you to worry about. I have all things under control. Trust me”, he said and he gently steered her towards  the door.

“I have  depended on you for this course since your mother died and you shouldn’t let me down”, Nana said.  As she stopped to pick up a shirt on the floor, the door swung open.


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