I have heard some preachers say that,”God is not moved by our tears”. Perhaps they mean to say that God doesn’t want us to be crybabies, which is right. However, I do know that it is all right, very okay to cry before God.  We can only come to the point of shedding heart wrenching tears before God when we are at our lowest, when we know that our human efforts have failed us and we are ready to relinquish all our efforts and human imperfections to God.  Some of us find it difficult to cry before other people, not because we don’t want to be consoled and loved , but because we don’t want to let our guards down and be considered as weak people. You can only shed tears , either of pain or joy, before the one you are most comfortable and vulnerable with.  With God, we can shed tears of submission and that is when our heart is most  bared before God and in essence, we are saying, “Lord, I am all yours, totally dependent on your perfect will for me, come what may.

            I was still pondering this thought in my heart when I came upon this beautiful story that was  illustrated in A.W. Tozer’s book, “The Radical Cross”.

“Good Richard Cecil once asked his little daughter, as she sat upon his knee with a cluster of pretty glass beads around her neck, if she truly loved him, and if she loved him enough to take those beads and fling them into fire. She looked in his face with wonder and grief; she could hardly believe that he meant such sacrifice. But his steady gaze convinced her that he was in earnest; and with trembling, reluctant steps she tottered to the grate, and clinging to them with reluctant fingers, at last dropped them into fire, and then flinging herself into his arms, she sobbed herself to stillness in bewilderment and perplexity of her renunciation. He let her learn her lesson fully, but a few days later, on her birthday, she found upon her dressing-case a little package, and on opening it she found inside a cluster of real pearls strung upon a necklace and bearing her name with her father’s love. She had scarcely time to grasp the beautiful present as she flew to his presence and throwing herself in his arms, she said, ‘Oh Papa, I am so sorry that I did not understand”….( As illustrated by A.W. Tozer)

           We are not ever going to understand it all (not in this life time)…the hurts, the disappointments, the delays in life, life’s unexpected twist and turns but we should understand that God understands all. So, we can let down our guards before Him and let the tears fall.



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