I had to steal out this time to reconnect my brain with the keyboard.  I used to think that I have had roller coaster days until this period.  Unlike some of you who would be thinking that  I am having such a restful period with my handsome baby, it is a different ball game for me right now.  Not that I do not eat the “Omugwo food” (thanks to mum), I do but it is mostly in between feeding baby and attending to work.  Yes, I am working right now.  My maternity leave flew out of the window before it even started.  Even now, mum is urging me to go and eat before baby wakes up and wants more but I had to do this first.

I work with kids.  No, I think I work for kids is more like it.  I serve children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years.  Infact, we are ready to take your kids as long as you are ready to let him or her go.  I used to think that running a daycare center for little kids would be a jamboree.  I know better now. Let me quickly say that I am not complaining at all.  I love what I am doing.  I could not have asked for a better gift from God.  Even though it takes its toil on me, especially at the moment, I usually do not mind as long as the kids run to me with love the next morning when their parents drop them.  Truthfully, I crave for the weekends when I can just lay on the bed until the sun comes out.

I do a sensitive work.  As the parents put their kids’ lives in my hands for more than half or the day, they expect a lot from me.  Some parents even do less for their children but they expect me to work miracles in their kids’ lives.  Some of the kids hardly eat at home but they expect their kids to be well fed before they come to carry them.  Some of the kids just cry all day because they want you to carry only them.  Some other times, we come across harmful kids.  I face some challenges on the job but it does not change the fact that if I have to choose all over again, I would still choose to serve the kids.

It is definitely not the money that has hooked me.   It is the passion  and love for the kids that has hooked me.  Some of the kids call me mummy and you would not blame them.  I bet they stay with me more than they stay with their parents and they lack nothing when they are with me. I have a very resourceful lady working with me.  She is God sent.  Surely, my hands are gifted to do good.  I also know that it is a journey of thousands of miles that I have started.  It is definitely challenging juggling my mission with running my family and also improving my personal life and relationship with God and man but I will hold on and keep drawing my strength from God.

I have to run now.  Baby is calling and tomorrow is still another day.  I am already singing, “thank God it is Friday.”

I wrote this almost two weeks ago but I just found the time to post it now.


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