The woman is a single being with  multifaceted characters. According to the creation story, the woman wasn’t created in the same way as a man. She was formed from an existing being…..the man’s rib. For me, this means that a woman is a constant complement to everyone that she meets in life. The woman complements not only her husband because some women remain unmarried but live a purposeful life. To her parents, her siblings, her husband, her colleagues, her children, her church, the nation, she becomes a salt that seasons the relationship.

I am not trying to deny that a married woman’s unwavering respect should be for her husband but she should not overlook the fact that her life is not just tied up around her married life only. She has a vacuum to fill in the universe which no one else can fill, be she married or not.

The time has come for women (both single and married) to step up their game.  I do know that the female being has an inner strength that  few men have. Her instincts are sharp and if well honed she can face any challenge that life brings her way because she is resilient. Her strength is not always aggressive but calm and calculating.

Woman, you are not inferior to any other being. If you were, God wouldn’t have made you in His image. Wherever you find yourself; as unmarried or as a single mum, in the home as a housewife, in the office as an entrepreneur, in the society, in the church, TAKE YOUR PLACE. Your world is waiting for you.



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