Quit The BlameGame

In the part of the world where I come from, people seem to have reasons to believe that a reaction to an action is always caused by “certain”(always evil) circumstances which is orchestared by frenemeies. Most of us like to blame other people for events happening in our lives. We always accept the good things that happen to us but never accept the challenges that come alongside and find out ways to deal with them decisively and move on. We keep pointing fingers. For instance when a man’s business crashes or is on shaky grounds, instead of critically analyzing what might be the problem and find solutions, he suspects an uncle somewhere whom he believes doesn’t want him to prosper or he chooses to blame his neighbours because they are traditional believers. Someone who has not been eating healthy food and exercising well finds out his blood suger level is high but instead of seeking medical help and cultivating a healthy lifestyle, looks around for someone to blame. Whereas, the problem and the solution is at our feet waiting for us to move.
Who are you blaming today? Your government, policies you think that are in favor of a different geopolitical zone other than yours, the ecomony, your parents or God? Untill you decide to stop the “blame game” and start thinking outside the box, your problems will always have the upper hand.  It could be you need to change your mindset or relocate your business or find new ways to transact your business to get back on track. You might even be the cause of your problems; your choices and attitude to life affects you greatly and always takes time to manifest.
Lately, I had to face my fears and confront my choices. I have chronicled my successes and steps I took to get there. I did the same with mistakes I have made and patterns that got me there. Once in a while we need to clean out our closet(our minds) and discard the articles that haven’t done us any good. As long as it is not actively bringing positive vibes your way, let it go. Your success is in your hand. Fight for it.


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