In honour of Paul Crouch(snr)

The first time I heard and understood the message of grace was on TBN. I was  flipping channels late one night about four years ago and Voila! Someone was teaching. I paused there and didn’t  change the channel until Joseph Prince was through with his teaching. It was my journey into the life of grace.
Over time, I have got insight on things I can do for myself and my generation simply by watching some shows or teachings on TBN.
I have been greatly and positively influenced. Paul Crouch(snr)didn’t have to preach to me personally but he gave the avenue for others to do so.
So, when I heard he passed on to eternity yesterday, my heart sank. For his wife Jan, who was always shown with him and his family members, loved ones and the world. My Spirit was once again awakened to the fact that we will die someday. We may not know what will bring on our deaths but we will leave this physical body and move on to the great beyond. When I cried for him yesterday, I cried for myself too. What if he didn’t do the things for which he was known for today? What if he stayed behind the stage of his life  waiting for the perfect timing and may still have been waiting till his death. I ask myself a simple question….”am I fulfulling the purpose for my life? When my breath ceases to be will I gladly hold onto my saviour’s hand and say,”I am ready Lord”. Will my world be glad I came by?
We have now, not tomorrow. Let us put our hands to work for the glory of the Lord and the good of mankind.
Fare thee well Paul Crouch(snr) .


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