We say we need someone to change their lifestyle or certain attitude to life. We harp on it until it clouds our mind and makes us forget the thing or things that count most.
Here is the thing that counts most: YOU. You can’t see what you don’t have inside of you. You want change, be the change. The more  you desire for change in someone else, it makes you lose focus on your own perspective in life. Our need for companionship in this life is so that we complement one another. If you are not mentally, physically and spiritually whole, how can you affect lives positively?
Here is the deal: look away from that person who you need to change and look within you. You are not perfect either. Work on your self. Develop your mental, spiritual and physical abilities. Put your talents and creative abilities to work. That way,you will become the change you need. Then that one whom you seek to change will see the change in you and either follow suit or walkaway. Whichever happens you will not lose out because that one didn’t deserve you in the first place and you will be on your way to perfection, lacking nothing.


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