A New Year

2013 has come and gone. It was one of the amazing years of my life. More amazing because I learnt a lot from the challenges that came my way. I saw myself for who I really am and now I know I was made to reign in this world. The chorus of a song I love too much emphasizes the victory we  enjoy if we stand strong.
     “Through it all, we standing strong. Friends and family we thank you all. We made it through, no raise no guns, thats why they call me victorious man”
   General Phype in ‘Victorious Man’

No one who is successful got there without some sort of challenges. Another man’s challenges might not be as tough as you had it or are having it but it is all in preparation  for YOUR purpose in life.

I have learnt from 2013 like I haven’t learnt from any other year. I guess I am growing up now and I am loving it. I have already hit the green button for 2014.

I want to say thank you to all that have come my way especially through the social medias. We might not physically meet in this lifetime but our spirits are in sync because we think alike. Thank you for blessing my life with your words.

Together we will make the BEST of 2014.
Happy New Year.


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