Lions don’t bleat, they ROAR.

      Watching the players walk out from the dressing rooms,I felt a surge of electricity flow from them(via my television screen) straight through to where I am sitting. I am not a super football fan but for a moment I felt what fans feel every time their  favorite club takes the field.
       Looking at the players as they walk out into the field of about 20 thousand fans or more, they were confidence personified. It is going to be the most tasking 90 minutes of their lives and they walked into it with the boldness of a lion, ready to roar. From the time the referee blows the kickoff whistle till the last minute of the game, both teams will have to contend with each other to emerge the winner.
        It made me think about my life and it may make you think about yours too. How many times have I been faced with opportunities that I turned down because I didn’t know how it was going to end? How many times have I given in easily instead of bargaining or fighting my way through? I have a lion inside of me that I have shut up for a long time so much so that the lion is taking on the meek nature of a sheep. I bet you my creator is not finding much joy that I am living below my abilities.
       Here is the deal: before my life game started, I have been declared a winner because the winning streak is in me PERMANENTLY. That does not pull out the contenders because without them, the lion in me will not roar. Without the challenges and the oppositions, I will not know how to strategize and get the prey without failing. Without the fight, I will not know how to savour the wins.
       So, again I tell myself, “fear not. I am the king of my world” Every morning I wake, I walk into my day with enthusiasm and the
boldness and agility of a lion. I ROAR!


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