Now The Day Is Over

Sometimes your day don’t go as planned and you feel so bad about the things you didn’t do that you forget that there were some things you did. No one is a superman nor superwoman, at least not in real life. We are all acting our parts and at the same time  we are the director of this real life movie. The script is ours to write; we determine what we allow and don’t, what we do and don’t. So, if at the end of the day, you think you could have done better, here are some tips to guide you for tomorrow.

1.  Give thanks for the day. Gratitude unlocks the door to everything we need and also closes the doors we don’t need open. Gratitude for the things you were able to do will chase away any form of regret or depression for those you didn’t do.

2.  Take note of the things youx were able to do and what motivated you to do them at the times you did them. It could be you were listening to your favorite song or you just had an encouraging conversation with someone. It could even be the fear of being reprimanded that got you on your feet. Whatever it is ,note it and look out for how you can use the pointers for next time.

3.  Sometimes we find we waste time doing things that don’t count at a particular moment. It could be we spent much time gisting with friends or networking on social medias. It could even be you were doing a right thing but at a wrong time and it extended into the time for the main agenda for the day.  Make a plan for the day and stick to it. Gradually, you become disciplined and be a better time manager.

4.  You are not in competition with anyone. Whatever you do, don’t waste your energy chasing another man’s dreams. Turn the  searchlight on you to find your purpose. That way, every waking moment will be precious to you and you will learn to maximise it.

5.   Give room for the unexpected. The heart of a king is in God’s hands and you are a king in this world. Sometimes we won’t get it all so that we can learn from ourselves and be flexible when we are dealing with others. You are not perfect but with every step you take you march towards perfection.

I am sure there are other  positive ways you deal with yourself if you didn’t function at your maximum in a day. You can share more ideas . It’s all about making our lives better through knowledge.


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