There was a time some of us heard the Word of God and accepted it as a truth. We heard how Jesus loved us enough to die for us, how our sins were forgiven at the cross and how we have a clean, fresh slate in Jesus. Except for some few people that had a personal and direct encounter that spoke to their lives,we all heard the above lines but maybe in different formats.  So we started attending fellowships and meetings because we need to grow spiritually so we can serve God better. We abandon our old friends and old live style, per say, because we are born again and have to get on with the new life. Half way down the line,  boredom sets in. Boredom because the new life becomes stereotyped …..go to church, lead the choir, evangelize, pray…..( don’t get me wrong. These acts are necessary and profitable). We then seek a way out and easily, we slip back to our old ways and the church and the world will say you have backslided. Suddenly,you are deserted and you wonder, “how did I get here?”

I love God.I love Jesus.I love the Holy Spirit. I study the Word so I can know better. I pray so I can get answers, quick answers to my needs. I pray for a way out of messes i have made . Needless to say that  I don’t get what i want in the timeframe that I want it always (it seems i hardly do). Don’t forget the sin that so easily besets us. It creeps in ever slowly and, “Bam!, it hits me and my “holier than thou” attitude sets in. At this point,I become holier than God himself and cringe so unworthily before Him. That is when my boredom sets in.  I pause my spiritual acts because I tell myself I have no right before Him anymore (and of course the devil fuels it until I almost give up)

Recently,like a flash,it dawned on me that,’IT IS NOT ABOUT ME’. I didn’t die for myself. Someone died for me for a reason. He died that I can be His hands,legs,eyes,mouth,anything and everything He wants me to be. It is amazing to know that I don’t have to pray to get out of a mess but to get a message. I study to be The Word. I should evangelize to expand His kingdom, not mine nor the pastors.

I don’t have a first hand view of heaven. However i do know that every smile i smile, every time my heart warms, every tear of joy i shed, every act of kindness i receive,every kind word i hear and every miracle I get feels like heaven. If I want to be anything like the One who loved me enough to die for me, my first and basic act is to make someone have a glimpse of heaven here on earth. It could be as small as complimenting my neighbour’s new hairdo or as big as sponsoring a child in school. He has called you too but in a different format. Follow it through and Heaven wouldn’t be a strange place to imagine after all.  IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU either
We will have exciting, no dulling nor boring spiritual lives when we start the Heaven on Earth life. One for all,all for ONE.


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