My Choice, My Lane

Do you ever wonder why most homes now have 2, 3 or even more televisions? You turn your radio on and you can tune into various frequencies from different radio stations. The same goes for television and cable networks. DSTV alone has more than 100 channels but you can only watch one at a time. Parents don’t want to fight over the remote with their kids so they simply buy different televisions and even have different cable networks so that the kids can watch their cartoons while daddy can watch his football and discovery channel and mummy her food network and fashion TV.
It all comes to down to CHOICES. We may all belong to the same family but our choices chart different lanes. Even my twins don’t make the same choice all the time. Giving us the ability to make choices is God’s creativity at it fullness. Imagine if we all were to like and be comfortable with the Nokia 3310(no offence meant), then I wouldn’t be sending this note through my phone and you wouldn’t be reading it on the go.
Our choices do matter how far and how well we go in life. A choice we make today waits for us tomorrow at the end of the lane. Our different choices are like the different lanes on a highway. If we become careless and collide, it will cause an accident and holdup many others following us behind.
Some choices wouldn’t seem so rosy while others will have all the fine things of life masked all over it.
The beautiful thing is that if you make a choice from the reservoir of abilities deep inside you, whether the road be smooth or rough at the beginning and at all times, you will hold on because you know you are on the right lane and at the end of your lane( which might not end the same way as mine), you will take the crown with honour and pride.
It’s a new month and a fresh start to make good and lasting choices. Raising my glass of coke to..’my choice, my lane’.


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