Money Money Money.

          What isn’t about money in Nigeria? Politicians make vague promises because they want to go and share the money. Lecturers claim they go on strike because they want the government to reform education sector but once the money is paid into their various accounts, it becomes work as usual until another professor needs money for travel and a new jeep.
             Our dear Super Eagle players started agitating for their appearance allowance right before their trip to Brazil. Little wonder they came back after managing to score only three goals ,which is a shame compared to all the goals flying around in the Brazilian sky.
Let’s us not bother to talk about PHCN or whatever name they go by now, the various state governors, police, commissioners , clerks, messengers………the list is endless , which includes you and I.
             When I first heard doctors are on strike but it wasn’t about money, I was baffled. When did they become so patriotic ? However, my spirit became so vexed when I was watching a doctor,a young doctor talk about some of the reasons for the strike.
“A ha!”, I said to myself. These people will never cease to amaze me. I don’t know all the 24 reasons for which they stayed away from hospitals nationwide but the first three reasons are all money related. You can read the full gist at
          None of their reasons for the strike action has anything to do with the patients whom they swore to serve and care for. I wonder how they sleep at night. Doctors are essential servants that should be at the beck and call of their patients but what we see in our health sector is far from it. The doctors in Nigeria demand amongst other things 100,000 naira hazard allowance per month. Please show me someone who doesn’t face hazards in their workplace. Are the medical doctors working in the federal and state hospitals not civil servants? Why are they holding the country to a ransom? “Person wey employ another for work no dey remove am?”

This piece is not a forum for “dem say”.I want to provoke your spirit to anger. Get uncomfortable with the status quo. It is the doctors today. It could be your profession tomorrow. Let us cherish the dignity in labour. Wake up with a new mentality. Drop the mentality of “no be my papa get am”. If we want to find true joy,we should fuse ourselves with our profession . Be the champion in your workplace by doing the job like it all depends on you. Whether your grade level increases or not, you become a director or not,keep at it. The lives you touch will forever be grateful to you. Let us save our generation and build for the future.


2 responses to “Money Money Money.

  1. While several young Nigerians are busy complaining their country has not done anything for them, 35- year- old US- based Nigerian born researcher, Yemi Adesokan, has put his country’s name on the map of nations of innovation.
    Adesokan’s discovery which has potential to change the way mankind responds to disease pathogens, according to experts, may bring an end the era of increased burden of drug resistance in the world particularly, in sub Saharan Africa.
    When he moved to United States in 1996, little did the young innovator have realise that he was going to rub shoulders with some of the greatest names in scientific technology.
    If you would like to read more about Yemi Adesokan, you can access to my blog on:


    • Wow! Thanks Oliver. I will definitely read about him and also share. Many of our youths are indeed letting their talents waste and there are so many untapped resources in my beloved country. We wait for the government and God to pour money on us whereas, God has given us all we need to succeed . If only, we will look and see. Thanks Oliver.


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