I wish I could laugh and say this is wrong but it is as true as life. Take out time to listen to women and you will hear their woes and the helplessness they face everyday, Expecting more from this blog. Let me hear your views too



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There is no way this is going to be simple and short….it just can’t and…you will see why.

I was on twitter the other day, a place I wish I have more time to be, simply because it brings a whole lot of information from everywhere possible and about anything under the sun together at one spot, concentrated, precise, timely. But, no time. Maybe someday.

So! I was on twitter the other day and I came across this interesting tweet that cracked me up but got me thinking. It said, “Men think if you mistreat a woman and she still stays with you she’s wife material. No, she has low self-esteem and you are a piece of shit!”.

I laughed long and hard but then I stopped as I thought, how true. There were comments on that tweet some which said things like, ‘funny but so many women have…

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