Leave the door open, you never know who may walk through.

Come unto me all ye who are weary and heavy laden and i will give you rest”
Those were the exact words of invitation by Jesus. Weariness could be of different types. What bothers you just wont be what gets me down.  So it was that i was having one of those, ‘i have to be in a church’ feeling. Whenever i feel this way, i have two churches i go to sit and meditate in. One an orthodox church, another a pentecostal.
      I chose the pentecostal. I set out in the afternoon sun from my workplace. It was about 35 minutes drive without a major traffic jam. I got to the church compound and my excitement increased. I was going into the Holiest of Holies. As i got closer to the church building, i noticed the front entrance door was locked.
“Maybe they don’t want many doors open”, i thought.
I checked the left and right side doors and got the same result. The church was locked. What could be wrong, I asked myself. The excitement of being in the sacred place was dying.  On the right, i saw a step. I followed it and met a man sitting on a chair at the top of the stairs. I told him my mission and he said they have started locking the church everyday and opened only at service hours. “So, where do i go to pray?”, i asked
” You can stay outside , anywhere around the church building”, he said
Astonished, i looked at him and asked, ” in the sun?”
“Yes”, he said somewhat apologetically. ” God is everywhere” , he added.
I was in the Spirit already so i refrained from pouring my holy anger on him. He didn’t make the rule. But i had to put in the last word so i said, “Ha, oga. I could have just stayed on the express road and prayed then because God is everywhere”.
He only shrugged. I thanked him and walked away. Outside, i looked around but there was no other building there marked chapel or praying room or anything of that sort. I sat down a litle to send a message to someone and regain some strength. A woman came by . She looked like a church worker. I asked her why the doors were locked. She said some people lie down in the church altar and some forget their child’s soiled diapers on the floor. I was waiting to hear some fornicate inside the church but that didnt come up. So, their pastor decided they lock the place till service hours.
         Fast forward to taking another bus and entering the compound of the orthodox church. I had one of such orthodox churches near my house when i was a student. They were still using a school hall for their service but they had a small chapel where one could go and sit peacefully. I usually went there and sometimes i would just lie on the cold marble floor and enjoy my freedom from the world. As i entered, my excitement was triggered again. From the gate, it was visible that the front doors were wide open. As i entered, i saw other doors thrown wide open, about four or five of them. A woman was at the step of the altar barring her soul to her maker. On my right was a lady lying on the chair and on the left another was kneeling. I smiled inwardly. We have all come as we are. Each person with her own reason and manner of approach. And together we are all accepted in the Beloved. I dropped my bag and walked to the altar. As I walked down, I knew He has heard me even before i called out.


2 responses to “Leave the door open, you never know who may walk through.

  1. The problem with keeping the door open is that you never know who may walk in ::::some of the orthodox churches has started locking up because of hoodlums who break into the locked collection boxes and made away with the donation for the less privileged….the good thing is that they now have an out door chapel for personal prayers…..Jisike

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    • Lol@ never knowing who may walj in. I like the other side of it that you have pointed out. I think every church should have an outdoor chapel. Thank you making me read this post again. Hope your Monday went well


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