As I see am

       Come across two women or more, it’s either Telemundo , Tinsel or BBA they are talking about. Listen in on the teens, its Avatar or …….., sorry, I don’t know their names. For the kids, its Ben 10 or still more i don’t know their names. If this trend continues, i don’t know where we will be in years to come. I am afraid, we will lose the essence of live, our innate creativity, our responsibility to be the best of us.
Most of all, I am more afraid the next generation might not have any Telemundo nor Avatar to talk about because sitting in front of the television for hours won’t develop our God given abilities.
   Don’ t get me wrong o, I am not a saint. I have spent hours in front of the television watching Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Gossip girl, just to mention a few. Years down the line,  I know better. I still get the urges to watch but i quickly skip Telemundo to another channel as if the devil was chasing me. I see women, mothers buying different drama series in the market and i thank God for saving me. I don’t want to get stuck again. My bookshelf is filled with books I haven’t read, some projects to start and business empires to build. I know for sure that i will keep winning over the temptation to buy the current season of Grey’s Anatomy.
      Still on the thanksgiving mood,  I am super excited November has come to an end and my favorite month of the year is rolling in. More so , today is Friday and I get to sleep through the alarm. Yay!
Have a productive weekend everyone. Hope you have started planning for 2015.
Raising my cup of tea to whatever it is you are drinking this beautiful Friday morning.


2 responses to “As I see am

  1. Yes elsol, you have done some real brain teasing. I hope we will realise the path we are going and make a U-turn before it is late. Do you know that some American families don’t allow their children watch television until a certain age? Some don’t even allow the kids computer in their rooms but here in Nigeria, we think it is a normal thing to let the kids have anything they want.


  2. I try to imagine it yet. The bigger challenge is that some people may not really figure it out until its too late. Our generation has more distractions than that of our fathers or if you would go back a bit further our grandfathers …If its not the mobile ,its the video game or Ipad or laptop or television the list is endless….
    Reality : They cannot discuss books or meaningful brain teasing stuff but what trends on youtube, twitter or Instagram…I did myself a favour and read through your blog:-) and with these comments I believe I have done some brain teasing drills….Jisike

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