Do the thought.


It is the tenth day of the year 2015 already. Time is not waiting for anybody. It just keeps ticking away. So many of us are still planning for the year, just as we planned for 2014 and the years before that. A friend and I planned to visit the Salvation Army home in my area four years ago. We still haven’t gone.

Ever noticed that some carefully thought out plans don’t always see reality, especially when it has to do with other people and especially in the areas of giving aids. I am not saying it isn’t right to plan but this year 2015, can we just give more of ourselves without all the planning and budgeting . Just yesterday, it flashed through my mind to send mobile phone recharge card to a friend. I shrugged it off with many excuses. Two hours later, i got a distress SMS from that same friend to send across a small amount of recharge card to save a situation.

How many times have we given off excuses why we can’t help a friend not even to talk of a stranger? In this year of balance, let us not think of me, myself and I only. Be perceptive to other people’s need. They might not call us or send an SOS but let us open up our spirit to think what we can do and do it all the same.

Raising my glass of sparkling water to the year of balance.


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