Grandma B’s offer.

         Grandma B suggested we stay in the flat next to hers. Her
tenant packed to his house recently. She said it would save me some money and she will be able to look after the kids after school. It was a tempting offer. It would also give me the opportunity to scout around for a new job. So, I told her I will think about it and I did. With my mother of course.
           “Hmm, are you not planning to remarry Nne?’, my mom asked in her ‘I know better than you’ voice.
“I don’t know about that yet. I have to think of the kids, my work and..”
“You have to think of yourself too”. If you had thought of yourself as I told you, you wouldn’t have gotten yourself in this mess”
“Mom, let’s not go there now”. I will think of it. I have not made up my mind yet.
              So,I decided against staying in Grandma B’s place. You see grandma B is my ex husband’s grandma. She raised him up when his parents separated and his mama went back to Ghana. She shared him with his dad until his dad passed on and then he became solely hers. She has a good heart and good intentions for offering us her place and giving up the tenant’s fee she would have collected  but i don’t have to stay in the past. Besides, staying in her house will mean knowing Edu’s every move. I don’t think I will be able to stand him and his new girl. So, I politely declined. I guess grandma B understood because she did not push it. I told her the kids will be coming to her place every now and then.
               Finding a house was not as easy as I thought. Edu always took care of such plans. I did not know dealing with agents could be so annoying. One said, “I will pay the transport money to the locations he wanted to show me and still pay his agency fee in full”. Another said the landlord wanted to see me personally before he will decide whether to give me the house or not. I almost went back to to grandma B’s to take up her offer. And then I got lucky.



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    I have the words playing around in my head but the fingers are reluctant to type them. I have left this Series cooling off for a long time and I am reblogging it to reawaken your interest in the story. I have started writing again and it is refreshing. I will leave you with the first story in The Diary Of a Nigerian Single Mother. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it..


  2. Family stuff, I choose to reserve my comment…A lot of happiness and one day they give an incredible surprise that will shake the foundation of your being…I don’t want live in fear but I live knowing it could be me….Uwa di egwu!!

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