These Kids…….

              I told my two year old boy to take the small waste bin to my room. He said, “no” in his singsong voice as he walked away. I repeated my request and he repeated his reply. I paused momentarily to watch his tiny legs step away. It was  funny for a moment but afterwards, I got thinking.
              Should I leave this boy to get away with this? What if he continues like this and grows up with this attitude? Let’s say he doesn’t know what he is doing but how true can that be? As I watched him walk away, I knew he would eventually do my request one way or another.
                Three hours later, he starts following me about in the kitchen. I ask him again to take the basket away.  He lifts it up and drops it in another place. Cranky and probably getting annoyed with me,  he walks away only to resurface later. He follows me to the room and demands I carry him.
“Go and get that basket and keep it here and then I will carry you”, I said.
He looks at me and I pretend I don’t notice him standing there. He walks out the door and comes back with the basket and kept it in it’s place. He walks to me, raises his hands and I carry him after giving him a high five.
               Who said these kids don’t know what they are doing. Will he still repeat his act again tomorrow?Maybe. Will I wait for my time to strike back? Of course, I will. Will we always do this cat and rat game? I hope not. Happy parenting to everyone who is in charge of a child. Happy Saturday everyone.

Have you been in this type of situation? Share your victory story with us.


My cheeky two year old.


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