A Humbling Lesson from Nepal

Just today we went to visit a woman and her kid that sustained serious injuries that involved operations. It made me realise that my challenges are stepping stones. These people have scars on their bodies that will take a long while to heal but they are taking it in good faith. Truly, seeing some disasters always humbles.

Rock Star Mums

Video Credit: singhgurpreet

On April 25th, a devastating earthquake of magnitude-7.8 rocked Nepal, injuring and killing thousands of innocent children and their families. Just yesterday, Nepal was once again shattered by a magnitude-7.3 earthquake that shook Kathmandu, destroying school buildings, structures, and homes of many more victims already struggling to piece back their lives from just two short weeks ago.

Collapsed buildings in earthquake-hit Chautara, Nepal Image Credit: Jessica Lea/DFID

7.8 Earthquake in Nepal Image Credit: Jessica Lea/DFID

The damage I’ve seen online is not just of an epic scale, but more than upsettingare the images of homeless children, wondering the streets in search of their families. I’ve been through several earthquakes myself, the first when I was just pregnant years ago with my first son, though it wasn’t anywhere close to what those in Nepal have witnessed. The other one that practically took my dishes and ornaments off the shelves was just about a year ago when…

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