House hunting luck

After dropping the kids at school, I debated on what to do. Going to my mum’s was out of the question. I didn’t need her lectures so early in the day. I did not want to go back to the house either. Edu won’t be home, he hardly is these days. I guess he is just waiting for us to move out so he would have his house to himself. I walked to the car, turned on the ignition and turned it off almost immediately. What if? What if I refused to move? What if I let him move instead. Afterall, I am his legal wife. I cringed at the thought that I will soon stop answering Mrs Edu Odika. It hurt and hot tears ran down my face. I heaved a sigh of regret and cleaned my face. This was not the time nor place. I turned on ignition, reversed and left the school premises.

I stopped at the Salon by the school junction. I did not want to go too far so I wont be caught in the afternoon traffic.

“Goodmorning Rita. How you dey?

“My sister, good morning o. You early today o”, she replied.

“Yes o, I want to be done before school run”

“How the children ?

“They are fine”, I responded.

“Siddon here”, she said in pidgin English as she patted a chair. “Omo, come give me this attachment for madam”, she called out to her assistant.

The work on my hair started. It was not that the style I had on was old but I needed a makeover. I needed to fill my time too since I was not working anymore, thanks to Edu,as he was my boss also. I became his manager after he set up his Fitness and Sports center. I was enjoying my work till the bubble burst.

“I hear say you dey find house”, Rita interjected into my thoughts.
How did she know, I wondered. “Yes, I am”, I replied and didn’t say more. She did not get the cue as she continued.
“I know say you na big madam but if you no go mind, my papa drive him tenant and he say he wan put better person for there”. I didn’t know her father owned a house and I said so.
“Hahahaha, no be everything pesin dey talk na. If you no mind, I go give you the address so you go see am”.
“Thank you Rita. Abeg, give me the number. God go bless you”.
I was grateful. I guess I woke up on my lucky side. I wish my lucky side could work on my marriage too.


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