Just like that….

      My beloved country Nigeria has a new president  following the aftermath of the March 28, 2015 presidential elections. Today, 29th May, 2015, at the Eagle Square, Abuja, the president-elect and the vice presdient-elect were sworn in as President and Vice President of Nigeria in a ceremony which we watched live, thanks to Channels Television.


President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Vice President of Nigeria, 2015

        As I watched the men and their wives, my mind was going through a different route. I am not going to bore you with  political details because that is not my turf. Days before now, this is all I have been thinking of as I thought of today. I kept saying to hubby, “so,  just like that these women’s lives have changed”. Changed not just in the sense that they have become public figures but due to the fact that they from today will have servants beckoning to their every need..( but one specific need though).
          Check it like this… put yourself in their shoes. Yes, you a working mother. You wake up at 4/4.30 and still hurry out of the house and while at work,  you are thinking of a food menu(story for another day). You go from work to market and then home to continue your chores and end up sleeping at 12 am or later. At that time, satisfying oga becomes a duty(another story for another day). Oh! I forgot to mention school runs and the occasional hospital visits. Put all these and more together and you will appreciate and perhaps envy a bit the kind of “Awesome life” these women have stepped into. Even if President Buhari is the most traditional of them who wants every meal to be prepared by his wife, she still will not stress about the shopping , preparation for the cooking and after cooking washing up. You might say, they will have other things that will have their attention but that is also the execution  of the roles they have found themselves in.  The one that concerns me is that for the next four years(or more) of their lives, I will keep looking at them and be like, ” chai, these women are not bothered about house keeping or stuffs like that”.
      (Whispering)…. I envy them but in a good way. I hope that the pictures of the women we have seen will really be the women that Nigerian women will be proud of not minding that in our closets, we will wish our lives can be swapped even it is only for one day.
Raising my glass of coke to the new ladies of Aso Rock.


First Lady Of Nigeria


Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo


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