Search to Give.

Happy Sunday everyone. Still on giving and causes, I found this website through a foundation I admire. Do you know that even if you don’t have money, you can still give money(indirectly) to a cause? Yes and here is how. Goodsearch is a website dedicated to raising money for causes and foundations all over the world. You register(free) on Goodsearch and choose a cause. When you search the website through Goodsearch, you raise a penny. Also shop at Goodshop and a percentage of your purchases is donated to your chosen cause at no hidden cost to you.  You will also get the latest coupons and offers at thousands of  retailers like Macy, Amazon etc. So far, members have raised 11,752,314 dollars for causes.
You can download the Goodshop App. Sign up with Goodsearch with either your Facebook or your Email. Visit for full details.

There is a lot we can do if we step out of our comfort zone. We live out our purpose when we live for others. Remember, it is all about reaching everyone with love one day
at a time.


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