The Interview I am yet to have.

In a few hours, this month of May will come to an end and 12:01 will usher in a new month. Isn’t that amazing?  This month unlike no other month have got me on another level of my life. It did not happen by chance. I have reflected on the things I have done and did not do, the things I received and did not receive and there is no other way to tell this story other than through an interview. I have chosen Christina Amanpour to interview me(it has been a  long time I saw myself sitting in front of her and they say wishes come true). Allow me to go into the future and bring it to here and now.

(CNN News Room)

Christina Amanpour: You are welcome Ada. It is my pleasure to have you here. We are always glad to have Nigerian women on this platform.

Me:(blushing): Thank you Christina.We love our country and will always do it proud.

Christina Amanpour: Tell us your success secret. One day you were quiet and the next day, you have readers pouring in to your blog site. How did you do it?

Me: (pause a little to recollect). Hmm Christina. You can not guess how far I have come. I have always watched you and wished I will be on everyone’s lips like you are. I have had this blog for a while but laziness/procrastinations were my worst barriers. One , I was scared of expressing myself the way that suited me most and was not sure if I(my writings) would be accepted. However, the few times I wrote, one or two persons would like it but that did not give me a cue.  Fast forward to April, I became mentally ready to write my heart out and made plans towards it. May 4th had me losing an assistant at work. She just stopped work without notice and that altered my plans. I felt like I was crashing back to where I was crawling out from. Suddenly, I became so busy that all I knew was work, housekeeping, eat, sleep. Writing was again far from my mind. Meanwhile, my head was always filled with ideas and lines but putting them down was out of it.

Out of the blues my brother calls me during one of those days and reminds me that a man’s talent makes way for him. His inspirational call set me up and in three weeks or so, I have had such traffic and readership that I have not got in almost four years of setting up my blog.

Christina Amanpour: Wow! That’s quite a story. Have you any word for someone watching us now.

Me: Diamonds shine out of darkness. Dig deep and don’t stop. The journey cannot be smooth. In the times when you think you have lost it, God takes over in ways we did not fathom. When the challenges of life are crumbling on you, don’t be still in your mind. Think, aspire, dream, imagine and one day, you will birth the story of your life.

Christina Amanpour: Thank you Ada. I hope to see you again.

Me: My pleasure talking with you Christina. Keep on the good work.

Take a deep breathe. I am yet to birth the story of my life but it is a work in progress.Thank you for allowing me dream. You too can dream too. I do know that I will look back and remember this time and all  the wonderful people that have accepted my voice. Together we will soar..


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