I had no clue

They only say it is good to settle down and have children. For almost every girl that enters her third year in the university, every “concerned” relative especially mother and the aunties start asking of every boy/man they see with her if he is the “one”. It sounds so easy and Disney with the Barbie stories nor the Mills and Bon does not make it any easier.

I had no clue being a homemaker meant late night or almost no sleep at all. What kind of sleep will you get if you sleep at 12 or 1 am to wake up at 4/4.30 (and they say we need our beauty sleep). Thinking back to my childhood, I did not know  my mum slept late nor  did I know she woke so early. I also did not know she dropped her bag whereever and headed straight to the kitchen on entering the house from work.  Yes, I did not know because I was in bed way earlier than her nor did I notice that extraordinary activities went on behind the curtain of my immediate concern.  Even now my kids don’t know any of these things because……….. it’s mummy so she can afford to be mummy.

So we start the marriage journey without the full details but we are expected to find our way through.  It excites us for the first months or few years till the kids come and all hell lets loose .  A client told me that she doesn’t enjoy her life after childbirth  because the little one interefers with her sleep.  I am not juging her but that is one of the many eye openers that tells us, “hey lady,you got company”.  However, does getting married and having kids mean we have to lose our personal lives? This is a soft spot for many women . We sincerely believe our lives emerged because all women were created to be mothers. Hello???  We all love to regale each other with the stories of how our lives revolve around our kids and husbands. Don’t judge me yet. I am not saying these things don’t matter. I have kids and a husband too. I love them more than I think I do because I will not hesistate to protect and guide them in every way I can. However, I am here , awake at 1:02 am instead of sleeping because I have to live my life. I am here because I want to wake you up.

Yes, you know how we say, “oh, I don’t have time during the day because of the housechores/ I am a working mother?” I want to burst your bubble.  You don’t have time ? What about the hours you spend on Zee World or Tinsel? What about the hours you spend with your friends gisting after schoolrun everyday? Let’s not even talk of the hours you spend sleeping both afternoon and night. Come on, we can do anything we want to do because we are women (Proverbs 31). We are wired that way. We are wired to hold in the pee  three hours longer than usual and then release it like it is the best thing that ever happened to us. We are wired to multitask like crazy. We are wired to be on  our feet for many straight hours doing chores. We are wired to be creative. Mostly, we are wired to be role models for our kids both at home and in our profession. Do you know that being a Stay at home mom(SAHM) is a profession? ( another day’s gist)

Wake up ladies. There is work to be done. Not the work where you worry and bother if your man is seeing a side chick but the one work where we show God that He did not make a mistake creating us by being the shinning star that God has made you. Wake up and roar.

Am I ready to sleep now? (She smiles)

One love ladies.



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