Water is Life

If you have ever been in a situation where you had no access to water, clean water, then you will understand where I was this afternoon.  We came back from church this afternoon to meet a dry tank. The water was finished and the borehole socket was faulty so we could not pump water. We were lucky to get an electrician on  a Sunday and as he was through fixing it, PHCN struck. The light went off.

“This is not happening”, I thought to myself. I thought of the plates to wash, lunch to prepare and the kids had to bathe as they cut their hair on our way back from church. Anyway, we found a way out but it cost us more. download

Since then, I have been thinking about families that have no access to water , not to talk of clean water. About a few people and organizations are involved in making clean water available to those in rural areas. One of such organization is Joyce Meyer’s Hand of Hope. Joyce Meyer ministries , apart from teaching the word of God has through her ministry’s Hand of Hope  helped people in the rural and impoverished area. One of such is the Well of Life . The Well of Life is focused on showing the love of God through providing one of the most vital physical needs Fresh Water. Their focus is in India and have extended to Laos, Myanmar, Sri Lanka. They also install water tanks in communities with municipal water supplies. If you are looking for a Cause to support, you can think Well of Life.

To know more about them, you should visit http://www.joycemeyer.org for more information. water_tap_203308

Clean water is indeed life. Let us make it available to everyone.







2 responses to “Water is Life

  1. Talking from Experience …If you have never been there, you will never know what it feels like to there. Its quite a pity we waste it whenever its made available…..Good one ..Got me thinking

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