I am sure only a handful of people are excited about Monday mornings. I can be indifferent on some Monday mornings. I think my Mondays are largely dependent on my emotional or  psychological state of mind at the moment. However it is not always the same thing for other people which is understandable. Sometimes, it seems Saturday and Sunday are not enough to rest our bodies and indulge in our personal affairs. All be it, I am sure the creator did not make a mistake.
There are many articles written to help us get through the Monday blues but this is what I think.

First and foremost, you have to learn to get to work early not only on a Monday but everyday.

Some people are of the opinion that it is alright to talk of things you did over the weekend. But hey, what if you spent your weekend crying over a broken heart while your colleague spent hers on a weekend gate away with her lover. That is enough to get you more depressed and wish you can crawl back into bed.  So, before you sit in on that Monday morning gist, be sure you are ready and you have the heart for what you are going to hear. Besides, taking out time for  chitchat sometimes can stall and derail you from tackling the important things for the day.

You have to learn to expect the unexpected on a Monday morning. My assistant stopped work on a Monday and that was the last thing I expected as I went to work that day.

Having a positive spirit rules the day. It is only YOUR personal positive thoughts that can get you through a Monday morning. Find a “Power line” and let it guide you through the day.
Good music does the magic for me too. It can be gospel, country, Naija vibes or any beat that agrees with my Spirit at that moment.
It doesn’t matter the side of the bed you woke up on. Go break a leg!



3 responses to “HURRAY! IT’S MONDAY.

  1. Ada you simply did the thought here…..funny enough those weekend gists can be over hyped to make one covetous …liked your tricks though I will not ”break a leg” I really need the leg to walk the mile of getting my Monday out of the blue….Idi egwu 🙂

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