Woopsie! The days are flying by. You did not survive only Monday but Tuesday is passing by too. How many of us used a “power line” to get through Monday? You can share how you got through Monday with us. .
My “power line” was not in form of words but pictures as imaginations in my head. My Monday started well.  Mid way through it, my Spirit was sinking. I was expecting someone to start work in my office but a call I got said it was not going to be possible anymore.  I became sad as I was already building up hopes. But almost immediately, I called up a picture of what I want and the way I wanted it to be in my mind. There was an immediate release and renewed hope.

Now, this is something  I am learning from an enlightening and entertaining book “Riches from Within Your Reach” by Robert Collier.


I have read the book over and over and it always leaves its mark on me. So, I used the technique of thinking of my dominant desires and voila, this morning as early as it was, an assistant came. So, yours truly got her wish after all.  My “power line” worked.

Wednesday we await you.


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