Money Prophesy

Prophet: “I prophesy unto you: money will locate you this  week in Jesus name. You will not be disappointed anymore.  The person owing you MUST pay you this week in Jesus name. Free money will come to you”.

Members: “Amen, Amen, Amen, Fire”.
Service closes and we all file out with great expectations. The prophet has spoken and so shall it be. With excitement, we go home and enjoy our Sunday rice and coke. We watch films and visit friends, maybe staying out a tad later and get home exhausted and sleep off.

5:00am, Monday morning……..
Alarm beeps and a hand reaches out and snoozes it. After some minutes, it goes off again. The hand reaches out again and dismisses it. The owner of the hand turns on the other side still sleeping. Somewhere in the sub consciousness, the prophet’s words come to mind and a good smile spreads across the face as the next stage of sleep commences..

12 noon, Monday afternoon………
I can’t hold the hunger pangs again as the worms in my abdomen are fighting for food. My body is already bored from lying down for so long. PHCN just struck and the light won’t be back until 3pm. “The useless people “, I say aloud, “who even gave them that job sef?” I am pissed because SONY is showing a double re-run of Grey’s Anatomy. “These actors sef, they make so much money o. I wish I can be like them”. I get up from the bed and take my phone from under the pillow.
“No alert yet. Time still dey shaa”. I make for the kitchen to take what is left from yesterday’s dinner. I meet an empty pot.
“Chai, this girl did not even leave any rice for me. She has gone to work now. What does she want me eat?”
I open the fridge. Thank God some slices of bread are still there.

5:00pm, Monday evening……

My hand reach for the phone the moment it beeped. “Hello sister, how you dey na”
“Hello brother, I dey o. Na only hunger be the problem”
“Haba, hunger? At least your salary is meant to cover your feeding. ”
“Which salary? I don’t have a job and I am not ready to get one now. Prophet has prophesied money into my account and that is what I am waiting for”
“Hmmmm, prophesy? I did not know money now has wings to fly. Please tell me the magic words because my bank account needs some filling up”.
“Stay there.  I will soon share my testimony with you”
” I will be waiting”
“But bros, you fit send me small recharge card?”
Click. Dead end.
“See this one. Small recharge card you no fit send”. I drop my phone while I await the alert.

9:00pm, Monday night…….
Thank God my room mate came back with food. She said her boss celebrated her birthday and there was plenty to go round. I don’t think I would have made it through the night if not for the rice. Although, it was not properly cooked. I would have done better if it was my job.

12 am, Tuesday.
I can’t sleep. Have overdosed on sleep and now, I am keeping watch while my room mate sleeps peacefully.  This is not what the prophet said o. I have not gotten any alert. My brother did not send the recharge card. Hunger nearly kill me. What type of rough play did the Prophet play with my head?

Here is the deal…..
The prophet did not play a fast one on you…. or maybe he did. No one can play a fast one with you if you don’t give room for it. Everyone has his job description and that of the prophet is to prophesy (or so we know it) He did his job and he got paid for it because you gave your offering.  What is your own job description? Oh! Forgive me. You don’t have a job. So how do you expect to get paid. How do you expect to eat food? Will food miraculously drop in your pot/refrigerator? Hello! Manna stopped falling thousand years ago.  My dear dad always tells us that there is no free lunch. Sometimes we argue and tell him there is but after sober reflections on some sober days, we know there is no free lunch. Something must always be traded in for something. Your work/abilities/intellect/ strength/ willpower will be traded in for money.

Sometimes we have to learn to draw the line between what comes out from religious leaders and what we do. Even the Holy Bible says we have to work to give. I am not preaching this morning.  I just want to remind us that it is hard work that pays and not prophecy. Yes, prophecy has it’s place and time.
Remember that God worked before He rested. So, get up and move. You say there is no job in the country, create one. You don’t how to start, start from where you know. Think of something. Connect with your inner self and you will be amazed at how wealthy you will become.

Let’s go make some money. Keep the Monday spirit alive.


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