I Need A Break

“Everything you have lost will be replaced to you in hundred folds”
“Amen”, we chorused.
Anyone holding anything that belongs to you will release it this week”
“Let the Holy fire consume evil people”
Like backup singers in a band, people stared chanting “holy fire consume evil people, holy fire consume evil people” I looked at my friend as she was engrossed in the chant. She looked at me and nudged me. I took that as a cue and joined the chant. One woman beside me was chanting and swaying in a dance-like motion. The hall became a frenzy of chants and movement. No one noticed me.
I joined in the chant.
Afterall I came to receive miracle.

Two hours later, the service was over. I was having a bad headache from the chantings and movements. I quickly walked outside to the carpark. I did not want to see the pastor as earlier planned. I have had enough prayers for the day.
“Nne, o gini? Why the hurry?”, my friend Ola asked as she got to the car.
“Ola, biko rapu m. I have exhausted my strength. How do you still expect me to stand another round of prayer with the pastor?”, I retorted.
“No, he would have only counselled you and…..”
I cut in rudely. “Ola,  this is what you said the time we went to that other church and I ended up spending a whole day in church. I think I am done with your pastors”, I said as I entered the car.
She went round and entered the driver’s side. Starting the ignition, she said,  “I know another place”.
The look I gave her was a killer. She did not talk again until we got to her house.
“Abeg, food dey?”, I said as I walked to her kitchen. Ola has been my best friend since secondary school. She was one of those that told me not to marry Edu. I thought she was jealous because she was not married yet and still is not. She said no man will understand her need for independence so why bother getting hooked. Her love for children made her open her doors to every one that needs a holiday place for the kids. She was always having her relations and friends’ kids around. When my wahala with Edu started, she was the first person I ran to. I did not get any “I told you so” but a willing ear to cry my heart out to. It was no surprise when she suggested we visit church for prayers.   The first church we visited took my whole day and grandma B had to keep the kids after school. Today, we went after much persuasion from her. Really, I am done with the pastors and their prayers.  I fasted and prayed when Edu started sleeping with office assistants. I still prayed when he packed some of his personal  things out of the house. I had an all night prayer session just a night before he announced he wanted out of the marriage. I still love God but I need a break.

It was a delicious jellof rice and exactly what I needed. I washed down the food with a bottle of chilled diet coke. I wonder why they call it diet coke. It still has sugar. I walked into Ola’s room and sat on the bed.  She was on the phone. I was intoxicated with food and coke. Pushing her iPad to one side, I laid back on the bed.
“No school run? she whispered
” Midterm break”, I whispered back.
Today, I will not think about anything or anyone. I will just sleep.


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