The Why and the Because

It can be irritating when the kids ask , ” mummy, why?” to an instruction or as an inquisition for you to tell them more of the  story or as an excuse to opt out from an intended work. I was of the opinion that you do whatever is asked of you by your parents or elders without asking questions. However, these kids are telling me otherwise. Is it the so called jet age or that they  have more freedom of speech that I had growing up? The answer beats me. This is not really about the children but about what I am learning from their too many “but whys”.

There must be something that is taken away from us as we grow up , something that steals away our innocence and dulls our minds and allow us live as mediocre. Some people might argue that it is sin.  Others might argue that it is the cares and worries of the world or it could be as a Nigerian slogan says, “the person don tear eye”. Many things make us “tear eye” and we can tear eye till we lose our sense of judgement and forget the “whys and the because”.

I have not written in some days and it got me thinking. It is funny how I get so sober and ideas pop into my head especially when I am washing plates. Maybe it is because my sink is by the window and I have a clear view of the sky when I am standing there so the heaven are always open to talk to me at those points. When I wash clothes, it is a different kind of awareness I get. Weird abi? Welcome to my life.
Anyway, I started thinking of why I started this blog in the first place. This blog has been up since 2010/2011(can’t even remember the exact date) but I am yet to write 100 posts. I won’t say I have not had inspirations(that would be calling the creative force in me a liar) . I have but something, most times pulls me back. So I know the answer to the first why. I started this blog because writing is my second nature. What I miss in words I make up in writing. The skies above my kitchen window rumbled in agreement.
The second question came again, “why haven’t I made progress that is commensurate to my desires/passion/talent? A big one that did not need deep thinking. I have not made much progress because of Procrastination. The skies thundered in agreement. I have talked about my procrastination so much that one will think that I would have dealt with it. Poor me, I haven’t. As I am writing, I have a message to send to someone but I haven’t and everyday, I remember it but I always say,”later”. I do not want to talk about the food menu I have been writing in my head nor the music lesson I have started for the kids a million times already. Just yesterday, my girl said in reply to a comment I made, “mummy, you always say later later”. Even the little girl don see me finish. So,  what is holding me back?

You see, no matter how irritated we  get whenever we hear the “why” question from a kid or anyone, it is an indication that there is a reason for everything. Supply the reason and the hand or the leg will work behind it.  So, now I know my Achilles heel. I will make deliberate and conscious efforts to walk away from that path.
What is your because for the why in your life? Why are you married? Why did you start that business? Why are you a banker? Why are you a Senator? Why do you teach? Why pastor a church?
Really to every why there is a because.


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