There are some things we don’t ever imagine, not as entrepreneurs nor as mothers. When you start a business, especially when it involves taking care of people, you never include…..”I am going to lose a client” in your aims for setting up your business. Some things, especially the ones we don’t imagine always always deal a great blow either for joy or sorrow.
I did not start it for only the money. The notion of starting a Childcare center was  on a whim. I have been clients to one or more childcare centers because of my kids. Then one time, when I was thinking of what to do for a living and the idea popped into my head. I did not think much about it. All I thought was, ‘I can do it”. I did not have any business plans. I just started and my love for nurturing things carried me on. When I tell people I manage a childcare center, they are like, “oh, you are making some good money”. I smile. I am not making some good money yet but I am making good relationships. If I could, I would do it for free.
If you go out to the streets, you will appreciate how women  toil to earn money and make a living. Most of them do this under sun and the rain. So, it was a huge relieve to most of them when I brought a childcare place to their commercial area. I did not realise the impact i was going to make when I first moved there but everyday,  it becomes clearer. It was how I met this boy.


His mom is a petty trader but she did not spare anything for him. He is my boyfriend. That is what I call him. He would always come to make me carry him whenever I entered a room he was in. His antics sometimes made me laugh or cry. He was one of those that turned my activity-play  table to a car. He would push everything his hands touched. He did not play with his food when the need arose. He called his mum “Ada” because that was what everyone around him called her. There was no rush to teach him to call mommy because he would have eventually learnt to call her mommy. His second words were “water” and he would drink heartily when you give him. I usually teased him and his mother that his height always  deceives him because he walked as if he was going to bulldoze anything in his way. The last time he came was on Thursday and I did not even spend a lot of time with him because I had to go somewhere.

Friday morning came and went by and we did not see him. It was not unusual so I did not bother. Friday evening, we heard he has gone to be with the Lord. Just like that!

I have not felt the death of someone so bad. I wailed my heart out and still have not recovered it. I cannot even imagine what his mother is feeling. Most of all, I can’t understand why he had to go so early. One thing have I learnt and that is to spare no more in loving. Life is really like a grass, it is here today and tomorrow no more.
On a spiritual level, I asked why  did I not get the vibe that something was happening to him that night.  I was told by my inner mind that I was not listening. How was I to hear when my mind was on different lanes and my mouth said a lot of things that I should not say.
I have not only learnt to be spirit conscious at all times but also that I can love a child as fiercely as his biological mother loves him too. Every life really matters.
He won’t ever get call her mommy again and he won’t bulldoze anything on his way anymore but he will always be in our hearts. Sleep well Onyekachi my small boyfriend.





  1. It’s the worst that can happen to any parents cos i ve gone thru it. It’s really sad. Pls be strong and console his mother cos she’s totally devastated.

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  2. It gave me tears and chills…I have gone through that path and sometimes I don’t like recalling it but God knows everything…. Short of words.

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  3. I lost a client and former student of mine in may. So your opening paragraph sounded like the one in the tribute i wrote on my page, only paraphrased; i never ever consisered part of business was losing ones client! The closest i ever came before then was one being involved in a ghastly automobile accident but she survived. After i saw her in bandages, i began praying with such burden for my clients.
    I feel your pain. I know it. Be consoled. We must pray for these ones who trust us enough to entrust a part of their lives in our hands, whatever it is, and we must do so fervently. May God protect the rest of the kids in your care. God bless the work if your hands dear.

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    • Amen to your prayers Chinwe. It is so sad. Somethings we definitely cannot explain . You just said an important thing to me now….pray fervently for our clients. Perhaps, that is the reason for being who we are.Thank you. may God Almighty console you too.


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