How to Reposition Yourself for a Higher Calling.

             Like almost everyone else, I was looking forward  to Monday. In my head, I was already at work even though it was a Sunday. It was a good start for th Sunday after a Spirit energizing service and a timeout with hubby. I was setting a good mood for Monday but Sunday night changed it all as my last baby hardly slept through the night. He was all cranky and cried off and on while giving us instructions as per when to sit, stand and lie down. Last night taught me how much a mother’s love can fight for the goodwill of her offspring. I sang and rocked him, prayed and praised and when he finally slept off,I was grateful to The One that holds all thing together.
            As a result of the night activity, I woke up late(snoozed the alarm once and the rest was history). A look at my boy sleeping so peacefully even after he had his bath and I knew I was going no where. And that was how my Monday morning plans changed.
How many things have our plans changed due to unforseen circumstances? How many things have we prepared for a meeting only go have things go wrong at unexpected times. Even some medical operations go well only for patients to give up the ghost hours or days later.
              We all know that the times and seaons are in God’s hands. There is nothing that happens that he is not aware of. Could that be the reason we are told to pray without ceasing? How will prayer change my disrupted plans, you may wonder? Really, I don’t know how it will turn it around.
No, wait, it will not turn a foiled plan around to be what it was but it can cue you in another path to go for that moment and if you accept your situation calmly, you will love the path you are on .
           However, you have to believe that there is a greater One that holds sway over your life. In that way, when you see things not working how you planned , don’t fret. *Alright, fret small but don’t carry on as if the world is collapsing on your head.
*Empower yourself while you wait for the next move. You can flip through some pages of a good book, listen to a podcast of your favorite motivator or listen to a good soul music. Whatever you have to do at that moment should be soul lifting.
*Be calm, think and reposition yourself. Think of other  worthwhile things you can do such that when you are taking stock of your activities at the end of the day you will know that all things worked together for your good.
         For me, my boy is doing just fine, demanding everything his little mouth can say. I had a good time to think too and for real, life is good. No need complicating things. 
    “Life is not fair. You will have to overcome odds that may be stacked against you. But you can change the outcome of your life if you will refuse to give up hope and each day refine your vision of who you really are. It will require a new way of seeing”.
Bishop T.D. Jakes

You know how we love the feedbacks. How did your day go today? Was it different from what you planned? Share with us. Let us laugh and cry with you. 


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