There are moments I feel like slapping myself in the face. One of those times is when I have gone away from my blog for a while and thereby making you miss all the stories we would have been sharing. I have said it many times but I hope I won’t have to keep making excuses for my lapses.

Here’s the deal…… I am back and better with some changes. Recently, I was discussing with a friend of mine about my blog and she said something that initiated these changes. She prompted me to find my niche and nail it real good. In as much as I know a bit about everything(smiles), I will not give my best if I am here and there. So, I decided to fully zero in on children, parenting, motherhood and everything in between being a woman. This will not mean that men are not welcome here. They are welcome because we are giving them the opportunity to peep into our heads and know us better.

DIAPERS AND GOWNS…. I hope you like the name as much as I like it. wpid-2015-08-30_17.46.23.jpg

Remember , it is still my voice and I am inviting you to lend yours too so we will make the side of our lawn greener.

Enjoy your Sunday.


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