How to say goodbye on a child’s first day at school

      It’s back to school season. Most parents can’t wait for kids to get back to school. It’s not that we don’t love our children but we need to save our breath a bit and let the teachers share in the nurturing too. I remember the first day my twins  started kindergarten. It was excitement all the way till we got to their class. We met  a crying competition. Even the kids that were not crying on their way joined in the chorus. Some parents were dabbing away tears while some cried along with their kids. A few daddys wanted to take their kids back home. Some mummys like me walked away like super women but within our hearts broke. When I got to the car, I took quick , successive breaths before driving off.  It was the beginning of a physical seperation. When I went to get them back in the afternoon, they looked like they never cried at all while some kids were still at it. Few weeks after, most of the kids could identify their classmate’s parents. They were at home in their own world.
     However, we do know that some kids will always dread going back to school no matter their age and class. One of the ways I get over leaving my kids at school is always to quicken my goodbye moments. Some kids don’t like to hear goodbye. Goodbye triggers the “I am alone ” signal and they are definitely not ready for that yet. The bold ones usually walk confidently into a class thinking mummy or daddy is coming right behind them . Parents can take their leave at this moment. When the child turns and mummy is gone, he will throw a huge fit but don’t worry the  trained class teacher can handle it. However, if it the shy child that is holding onto mummy/daddy’s hands, such a one will know when its time for the parents to leave. Such kids are more comfortable when they know that mummy has gone away. They can handle it.  They might cry, or not but such kids are easier to calm down and settle in.

For such reasons, it is better and more convinent to say your goodbyes in the car or as you walk down to the classroom. Tell the child all the nice words and promise heaven on earth but don’t wait till you get to the door of the classroom. Make the separation quick. Instead of saying goodbye, you can say ‘have a good day, see you later, be a good boy/girl, finish your food, enjoy yourself”. Such words boosts their confidence. You can give high fives, chop knuckles or do whatever works for you and your kids but limit the use of ‘goodbye’ especially for a toddler. They are not ready for that especially not on the first day of school.

   School is fun but it can be a dreadful first day.
We want to hear your child’s first day experience. Send us pictures too and we will gladly share it .  Every child is a celebrity.


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