Meet our super smart 5 year old Chinazamekpere.

     It is my favorite season of the year. The ’ember months. I have always loved this season and then God gave me super reasons to love it more. Today is September 7th, 2015. Time is definitely waiting for no one. Just yesterday the holidays started. Almost two months later, it is over. We are starting our new season with a bang. We are introducing our “We the Finest” page where we feature kids that are doing exceptionally well in all phases of life. We purposely left this story for the beginning of a new academic session. We hope parents will read this and be motivated to help their children grow in their academics . This is Chinazamekpere’ story as told by his mother.

  “His name is  Chinazamekpere Harry-Enwu. He is 5 years old. He schools at Amiable Academy Zone 1 Dutse  Abuja. He started school when he was a 1+ (app 2yrs )He is a very inquisitive child. He asks questions whenever he doesn’t understand anything. He is very social and will want to speak with you even if he is meeting you for the first time. He has a good retentive memory. Infact, you don’t make all those fake promises we make to children just to keep their minds off something because he will   never forget. He likes watching  movies and each time he watches, he keeps repeating the stories even when we have a visitor, he tells the person the story and what amazes me is how he recounts what he had watched and narrates it. He likes cakes and whenever you say, its your birthday, he will ask for  cake. We plan to give him the best we can both morally,educationally,financially and otherwise. He is such a determined child. I noticed that in him because when he got admitted into Amiable Academy, we found out that he was behind their curriculum.  I thought of taking him a step below but his father told me he didn’t know those things because his former school was behind in their curriculum.  I called his attention and said,” Zee boy,what do you think? He asked if he will be flogged if he doesn’t get correct answers and I said, “no ,your teacher will only correct you”. Somehow I wondered why I asked him because  I just thought he was a child but he thought for a while and said,  “I will try my best, I will not fail”. Those words got to me and I just prayed for God to help him. His proprietress gave him a book to guide him on three and four letter words.  In two weeks,he learned all those words and could pronounce them whenever he saw them. He also has a 365 rhymes book and I went  through a rhyme  with him per day. Amazingly, now he can read and write smartly. He tries to pronounce any word he comes across. He wants to be a pilot. His best food is Ogodo(Abacha)”.

Zee boy as fondly called is in primary two and he is only 5 years. His efforts and resilience paid off and we are celebrating him too. We wish him resounding success in this new session.

Our children are our pride. Start them young on the right path and they will bring us joy.


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