Hurray to all Teachers.

      Today, teachers are  celebrated. Most schools in town were closed but a few schools were open for business as usual. I wonder why those teachers did not take a day off too. However, even though they stayed in school teaching our children, it doesn’t mean that are regarded less than the others.
         Where will we be without teachers? In our walk of life, we have teachers at every step. Teaching doesn’t begin and end in front of the chalk board. Every time you take a time out to correct a child or show a child the right path, you have taught that child. You have left an indelible mark on the generation. So, never say, it is not my business nor that’s not my child. Leave a good mark. Take a moment and inspire a  generation.

     To all my teachers both present and past, I would not have made it without you. Happy teachers’ day.
I came across these quotes and couldn’t help sharing them .




God Bless teachers.


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