Laundry time is not always the best of times for me. I would rather mop the floors than wash clothes. However, when you do not have any other option, you wash your clothes yourself.  The invention of washing machines have tried to make doing the laundry easier but Nigerian light factor always stares you at the face. Once, I loaded the machine with clothes only to have to bring them out hours later and wash them by hand because of power failure.

     Washing children clothes is always with more effort because the kids play and have no sense of judgement when it comes to where to land their butts or not.
I want to share a tip I learnt from one of my post natal visits to the health center. I have been using it and the nurses weren’t wrong.
       Do you know that soaking clothes with liquid antiseptics (Dettol, Roberts, Ivy etc) and any detergent of your choice will not only soften the dirt on the clothes but will also prevent the clothes from having an offensive odour if you failed to wash after a day of being soaked in water. It also removes germs too.  It is as simple as that. There are times you might need to add Bleach to some certain fabrics but on any other normal day, the above tip will make your laundry time easier and with less effort. Listening to good music or a good message/talk when you wash makes it less a job and more a time to be entertained too.

What other tips work more for you when you are doing the laundry?


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