The Birth of A Child Can Also Bring Mixed Feelings.

       Immediately I saw him I knew he was different,  different in both looks and act. I didn’t need anyone to tell he is a Special Needs Child. I wondered how he was coping  in the school as it is a mainstream school. I thought about it some more and concluded his parents did not know better or there were in denial of the reality upon them. However it is, no one can blame them.
       When a woman becomes pregnant, it is with joy and excitement that she and her man  plans for the arrival of the baby. At first, it is mostly a prayer for a particular sex, either boy or a girl but as the baby grows in the womb, it doesn’t matter much to the woman as long she feels the movement of the baby inside her. The day of delivery is always with anticipation, great anticipation of having the house filled with the noise of a  healthy and beautiful child.  Alas, the child comes and with one look, everyone knows that there will be noise in the house but not as anticipated.
       In the United States, about one in every 33 babies is born with a birth defect (as reported by L, Rynn, J,Cragan, A Correa. National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities). In Nigeria, according to the 2013 National Demographic Survey,  8 babies out of 1000 live births are born with congenital defects (Daily Trust).  No parent wants to hear the lecture from the doctors. No parent wants to hear the live altering news that her child will never be as normal as other children. No parent wants to hear that their child might have to always depend on them for mental, physical and psychological assistance. The sun does not shine brighter for parents without Special Needs children nor are the clouds gray for parents with Special Needs children. It is the way the cookies crumble.
One can hardly imagine what goes on in such parents’ mind but I know that the initial thing that happens to them is the feeling of Shock and Intense Emotion.
    October is Down Syndrome Awareness month. Diapers and Gown will explore more issues on Down Syndrome. We hope to create more awareness so that parents can seek help for their wards and society will create an enabling environment for the child with Down Syndrome.


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