Ten things every Mother should have in her Handbag

         My mother always says “na adi agba aka eku nwa”. For me that means you must be fully prepared to go the extra mile for your children. I have not really understood this until recently.  When the kids were younger, I would put them in the car and go out without carrying a face towel or extra change of cloth. I always assumed there will be no need for that. You bet  there were times when I was wrong. I still make some mistakes now but hey, parenting is a journey. The good thing is that I am now more than ready to get my priorities right and hope you do the same too.

I have a list of ten things every mother must have in her bag. It doesn’t matter how old your kids are, these things will always come in handy.

1)    Baby Wipes or Tissue paper:  One thing we cannot guarantee that it can only happen at certain times is a bowel movement. You can get lucky and have kids that poop in the early morning and they are done for the day. However, that doesn’t mean that  accidents don’t happen. Apart from a bowel movement, you might need to clean an oily face or hands or a dress smeared with cheese balls. Tissue papers are good but some times you still need some liquid to dampen a surface. In this case, a baby wipe will do a more efficient and effective work because they are damp. With a baby wipe, you can clean anything when you are on the go. The other plus is that with a baby wipe you can clean off makeup. You see, you can win all with the baby wipe. There are a lot of brands in the market. Take your pick and say goodbye to smeared hands and running nose while on the go.


2) Drinking Water: Have your child ever demanded for water when you are in the middle of nowhere? Kids don’t have to be in a desert to want water desperately. Kids want water almost all the time. Most of them want water more than they want food and when the thirst hits them, they will not let you rest until it is quenched. Don’t ever leave your house without a water bottle. There are a lot of water bottles that can fit into a handbag. They come in different size and shapes. Make sure the lid is tight to avoid spilling in your bag.


3)  Umbrella:    An umbrella is for all seasons when you are in charge of a child. You might be an aunty sent to do the school run for a busy mom or a grandma going on a walk with the grandchild(you know how grandmas like to show off their grandchildren).The Rainmaker does not need our permission to send down the rain. So, why take chances when you can put a small umbrella inside your bag.  
Even on the sunny days, the baby on your back needs to be protected from the sun rays. Is the umbrella for only the child? No. It is for everyone. You don’t want your hair soiled nor your dress soaked before you get to the board room. 


4)  Pen:  A pen? Of course. Am I the only one that gets irritated when people keep asking for pen when they are in a banking hall? I forget a pen once in a while but most of the time, I have more than a pen in my bag. A parent is always learning. You do not want to forget the number of the paediatrician you got from a friend because you had no pen to write it down. You might say that the phone is there but don’t forget that batteries run down and your sim is allowed to take only 200 numbers. A pen comes in handy when you have to remember the information on the school notice board.  What about those times ideas pop into your head at odd times? You can’t underestimate the power of a pen.


5)   Nail cutter:  You just got to school and notice you have put off cutting your child’s finger nails until it is becoming as long as your artificial nail. You check the time and you have few minutes to spare. Thank God for the nail cutter in your bag. It saves the moment and saves your child from being the one that leaves the red mark on his classmate’s face. Most mothers forget that act of grooming. I do sometimes. If you are working in a childcare setting, either as a teacher or child minder, you must have a nail cutter in your bag. It will save you a lot of apologies.


Our big bags are not always for fancy. It matters what we carry in it. In the next post,  you will get the concluding part of the ten things a woman must have in her bag.
Your feedback is always welcome.


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