Welcome November

My son came to join me while I was working on my blog this evening. I was having a hard time making some choices from the options staring me in the face. I had four options in these formats…(a) pick a pen  (b) pick some books (c)pick a pen and some books (d) Pick none.

After gazing a while, he said, “mummy, pick the one that has both options. That way, you have both of them”. I smiled at him sweetly and replied, “that’s what I thought too”. He left after a while. His suggestion stayed with me. I didn’t  make that choice because I had to opt out of the package but it got me thinking.

When  life issues stare us in the face,we always want to come out having both sides of the coin. But hey, life does not work that way. It is either this or that. Like the saying goes, “we can’t eat our cakes and have it”. I was eating a piece of meat a while ago. As tasty as it was, it is gone and I can only deal with the sweet after -taste in my mouth. Making a choice in life is like that. We deal with the after-taste of our choices whether they come out good or bad..

What are you gonna do? What am I gonna do? Will I keep standing on the middle of the road? Except I want to be alive to see the end of this month in one piece, I have to get out and take a side of the road. It is November 1. What choices are you making today that will leave some sweet taste in your mouth come 30 November and beyond. It is all up to you.

Welcome November.


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